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Sep 1, 2010 8:30pm PDT
charls brought house of rain to main teenage the commenttator shown pictures searching for the can bols. the first discovery of a hidden chamber. >> i immediately started for t. climbing hand over hand up the cliff. feeling an anxious press of revelation as i ascended. my breath was hot i found a so kret. i saw many grainaries they were broken open emptied by archaeologist and erosion or by perhaps by the residents themselves returning centuries later. this was built so no stranger would see it. i went beside the structure. i touched the face with probing diagnostic fingers measuring it with my eyes. 3 feet tall. 2 feet wide and 3 feet deep. i lightly dusted off the grainaries flat roof, which was undamage said. i licked my lips feeling their dry chap. >> don't be frightened, child, find the knife and end your misary. return honor to your family. i knew i didn't have the courage of to mocko nor this women. the waves washed over her. i turned away from her and began running. i ran and ran away from the beach and all the death and dying. even now i don't remember what i was thinking. th
Sep 18, 2010 12:00am PDT
best tool to address it. (music) >> welcome to a special edition of main stage. the first anniversary. time to look back at one year of great performances from the stage of san francisco's main library. we will key the authors, poets and playwrights, the story tellers and the photographers and hear music brought to our stage from 4 continents. we will also meet some of the people that help bring the performances from the coet auditorium to your television screen. time to celebrate, main stage year 1. >> 3 cups of tea with each other. >> doesn't anybody care? >> i have been on the river for 7 days... >> our first performance is one of our most popular on line videos. the dance company around the bay area and around the world. educating audiences of the culture of north india. the movement of a cottic dance. [music] [music] [applause]. [music] [music] only 5 years the festival has established itself as the premiere over view of san francisco's lively literary scene. the week long event draws 10,000 people to the city's book stores, night clubs and of course it's libraries. here in t
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm PDT
the main on fire right behind the house one of the first houses to go. and the photographer who shot this said by the time he left, that house you are looking at was completely gone. pink house next to it was already burning and posely gone. >> here's another vantage point from sky 7 hd and you can see this massive fire ball in this neighborhood. this main that blew up was at glen view and earl and surrounding home what is left of them. this was just about an hour into the fire this evening. >> at this point it is roughly 50% contained. no word on yet when full containment will happen but they are confident as you heard us say a moment ago perhaps that they believe they can keep the fire from spreading beyond the existing perimeter and they have no word yet, if you live in the area or friend or loved ones who do, when you maybe able to get back that your home but surely not be tonight as they deal with this, this crisis and they don't want anybody else going in and risking getting hurt. people will not be able to get in her for speed limit time. they don't know when you wil
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm PDT
this before? >> see there is gas still alive? there is some gas still it's typical maine's shutdown. patricia there's no more. all the part has been shut down to this that is it what is plan to take. my hope this will get an initial search team tonight. and by tomorrow we will have taken cat collars. and salt reports that they're safe. that would be a tremendous help to this effort at this time. >> do not let we can estimate this. again we do not have that information right now. >> was the best we can do? >> next may will be a 8:00 tomorrow morning. here at this location. >> great, thank you. the been listening to people the been talking to us about the massive fire that has been destroyed. it killed at least one person and it is still only 50 percent contained according to firefighters. they're trying to get the fire from the air and also from the ground up and in doing so it is very difficult terrain. in fact as the results out of the gas lines they have not been able to make it. to make sure that the fired does not continue. its name be indeed daylight before they can figure out the fire a
Sep 9, 2010 12:39pm PDT
will find the main water shut off, here. a lot of places have the sprinklers if you shut off the main in the street you shut off the fire systems. so, if you have a choice of shutting off the water in somebody's house go for the one that coming between the foundation, usually it's in the garage or basement. you turn it to the right. right to tighten, left to loosen. this is easier to turn on and off if you is get in the garage. if you can't use the one in the street. do it only if it's say safe to do so. if it's dangerous, leave it. >> this is a basic electric system. a switch and the screw in fuses. there are not many of these anymore. most have the breakers. okay. to show you what they look like. on, off. this is a safety box you can't get it open until you turn it off. a couple of screw in fuses. this is a cartridge and screw in fuses. here it says on and off. pull it out stick it upside down and stick it back in. circuit break /-rs this is what most have. you have the meter. that's how pg and e /khrarpblgs us. you have the big main. usually there are 60 or a hundred or 50. the
Sep 18, 2010 12:30am PDT
of comic story telling produced without background scenary, make up or stellar performers. main stage taped a performance. >> important. new dudes are too soft and soggy. no good. should be nice and firm. slurp.... h hum... disgusting again. to soft a noodles. it's good for my -- it's hard to pick up a noodles without breaking them. ha, ha, do you use a fish cake? yes, really? really? i have been looking for it. [laughter]. but i cannot find any. i got one. oh , no wonder i could not find it it is so thin. i can see through to over there. [laughter]. that's okay. sometimes at the noodle shops you use sponge cake it's terrible. hum, hum, yes. this is real sponge cake. that's okay. that's okay. i am a [inaudible] person anyway. do i have to eat it all? slurp... hum, yuk. slurp, hum... disgusting. i'm almost done. [laughter]. slurp, slurp. i gave up eating noodles. thank you, thank you. >> sometimes notable authors come to main stage and do more than read passages from their work. they sit in a live conversation with a reporter, playwright discusses the relevancy of his work with one of his
Sep 23, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. the gold price for december delivery is currently at $1,293.90 an ounce. now back to the main news with catherine. >> thanks very much, ines. u.sint bac obama has reiterated the importance of international cooperation in his speech at the u.n. gly he noted that the u.s. has made a wide range of achievements, including nuclear disarmament. in his speech on thursday, obama first refeede 08 financial crisis. he emphasized how the world's largest economies coordinated to bring about a recovery. >> and in an age when prosperity is shared, we could not do this alone. so america has joined with nations around the world to sr ow. and the renewed demand tt uld start job creation. >> he also referred to the signing of a u.s.-russia nuclear disarmament treaty and the agreement to strengthen nuclear nonproliferation, both during the past year. obama thanked the u.n. for its adoption of strong sanctions against north korea and iran over their nuclear programs. the u.s. president then stressed that hexpts a pce agreement to be reached between israel and palestine. he said he hopes the talks that
Sep 4, 2010 7:00am PDT
, by the way, is moving northeast, up toward nova scotia and maine, where it's expected to hit land later today. there are still tropical storm warnings for much of coastal maine. but so far, minimal impact. and russ murley, who is the chief meteorologist for our portland, maine, affiliate wmtw, is out on the coast. he joins us from harpswell. russ, good morning to you. >> reporter: tropical storm earl is quickly moving through the gulf of maine this morning. it has low impact on the coast of maine. down to a light, drizzly rain right now. winds are starting to pick up a little bit. we're expecting clearing later today. again, tropical storm earl has been a fairly low-impact storm here along the coast of maine. we're looking for clearing skies later on this afternoon. back to you. >> russ, thank you. >>> as we said, perhaps the most serious damage earl did was to people's labor day vacation plans. amtrak canceled trains between richmond, virginia, and virginia beach. and suspended service until this morning between new york and boston. southwest airlines canceled 65 flights. while continental c
Sep 8, 2010 1:00am PDT
, my main purpose is to update you on our recent activities. the next slide syrups and has a review. we have organized ourselves to add two critical products to our of ratepayers. -- the next slide serves as a review. this would be starting in late may. that light cream product guarantee is a 25% renewable content with no cost premium. for people that want to opt up to the agreement content, we offer a 100% product for our customers. -- the light green thproduct guarantees 25% when mobile content. -- renewable content. mordida we have had a very conflicts political battle to reassure the council that this was the way it was a originally predicted. there was a lot of political opponents. we often have to compare the value of these program with the status quo. basically, the choice that citizens will make whether or not to opt out starting this spring will really well down to whether they think that 15% renewable power is good enough and if the government can provide an alternative that would bring renewable content up to 25%. the focus on the political effort between the proponents and o
Sep 1, 2010 4:00am EDT
will be a problem in florida. the big picture, from here all the way up to the gulf of maine over the next three to four days. the latest forecast track from the hurricane center, takes major hurricane category 3 off the carolina coast thursday evening and off the new england coast as we go through friday night. by the time we get to saturday afternoon and evening, up in the canadian maritimes, 125-mile-per-hour winds off the outer banks, the close test will be to long island, cape cod, late friday evening, after dinner, probably heading towards midnight and the storm will rapidly accelerate and weaken away from us. we'll watch our computer models very closely to show where it will trend. a couple of our trends are now toward land, but most of the majority is off shore. this is a forecast that still could change. that's a look at national forecast and a lot of details on earl. now a look at weather outside your window. boston, massachusetts, amazing we're not talking much about this heat wave. an incredible heat wave mid 90s from the carolinas northward up to maine. the same areas that have to d
Sep 22, 2010 4:30am PDT
>>> a second water main break in a week shuts down water to one east bay neighborhood. dozens of homes affected last night. we'll tell you how things stand this morning coming up in a live report. >>> and a date with death. california gets set to resume executions. we'll look inside the chamber this wednesday, september 22nd, "today in the east bay." >>> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. it is 4:30. let's check your forecast. for that we turn to meteorologist jennifer hill who's in for rob this morning. good morning, jennifer. >> good morning. it's a little cool outside. we had that breeze really picking up yesterday but a big warmup is on the way. a bit of low clouds around this morning, maybe a little fog but we'll see that burning off. temperatures in the 50s as we look at 8:00 a.m. as we head toward noon we'll all be enjoying quite a bit of sunshine and warm us up to 70 in concord, 71 in livermore, 67 in san jose, 62 at noon. so is the first day of fall that comes this evening at 8:00, it's going to feel more like summer as we head toward the end of the week. 69 de
Sep 10, 2010 4:00am PDT
. thank you for joining us. >> let's catch up on the latest. these from a ruptured pg&e gas main beneath a neighborhood as we say in the hills of san bruno. the latest to control the flames and begin the search for possible victims. >> firefighters kept the flames from spreading even more but several homes are still smoldering this morning. the gas-fed fire consumed dozens of homes within minutes of when it began around 6:15 last night. it overwhelmed firefighters who responded from several nearby communities. so far one person confirmed dead, 24 people hurt, some in critical condition this morning. it has destroyed 53 homes and damaged 120 others. again, at least 120 others. firefighters have the fire 50% contained. >> team coverage begins with our crews at the scene. abc 7 terry mcsweeney is near ground zero at our latest location, terry, lindsay and sky crest, right? >> glenview and skycrest. i'm here because the lieutenant governor, the acting governor with arnold schwarzenegger out of the country is here right now surveying the situation. he is seeing fire still burning in san bruno
Sep 27, 2010 7:00am PDT
. these shafts feed the water mains of each neighborhood, which branch into smaller pipes below the streets... feeding into buildings and houses, into the plumbing, and finally, after its long journey, to our faucets. providing water to homes and industry is a monumental task, requiring immense infrastructure. but once the water is delivered and used, it must also be taken away. man: it's important that the waste generated by any society not be left around. cholera, and other diseases and problems, have been spread, because people wound up living in filth. even the ancients understood that you couldn't have the sewage where you lived. and the easiest thing to do was transport it to another spot -- by water, or a river. most of the first sewer systems were on the east coast of the united states, often in places that already had developed a citywide water supply system. sullivan: in 1630, boston was basically three mountains, there were very steep hills. waste would run down quickly and dump into the harbor. and the tide would carry most of it away. well, this worked well for a while. the pro
Sep 22, 2010 7:00pm PDT
the appellant now. >> one thing that was mentioned is that the course of business has changed. one of the main reasons is the concerns of the neighbors and another reason was the ruling prohibiting smoking in small shops. this happened about two months ago so we shut the business down. this has been going on for almost a month. every business in this area, every cafe, they have tables and chairs outside. that has been my main concern. >> have you talked to your neighbors? >> yes. >> the department of public works stated that the beauty salon. is that your understanding that they're opposed to putting tables and chairs. >> smoking outside. as long as there is no smoking inside and outside of the premises, this is not a concern. >> i think they also raised a concern about people congregating in the shared entrance. >> the plan is that they will not obstruct the common interest. >> is this different from the cafe? >> they are different. this will be a cafe. we intended to start this month. the inspectors looked at what is going on. >> the building inspectors can let us know. on the block, what ot
Sep 22, 2010 5:30pm PDT
. nothing at all. the main person who was working on this, officer kelly dunn is not here. she has missed appointments. i want you to understand that one person is not doing find due to their thoughts and actions being affected by the weapon. it is not working out at all. i do not know what you are doing. these are horribly tortured people. they are really tortured people. there are some cases of homicide from various accounts and everything like this. this is not right at all. we have had this for the last three or five years. there is no help whatsoever. now they are attacking. even before, they are attacking police, fbi, and military personnel. the threat is greatly escalated. i want you all to realize that you have to do something about this now. the main person in charge of this, it is not showing up. she basically cannot do her job. she will not be able to think. i want you to know how you are going to combat this threat. i have a death threat regarding this case. this is something that is insanely serious. nothing is happening. please do something about it quickly. i cannot stress
Sep 4, 2010 12:30am PDT
city that a state of emergency had to be declared. water mains were bus, cars were crushed by toppled chimneys and power was out. immediately after the earthquake, people went into the street to escape the buildings they were -- that were collapsing. some parts of the city had to be closed off after looting broke out, but police said it was quickly contained. although power is expecteded to be restored in 24 hours, it will be month before all can be repaired. "bbc news." >> our reporter, greg ward, is in auckland, new zealand. i asked him about the extent of the damage. >> a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, this is really one of the biggest this century to strike new zealand, and i can tell you it has caused widespread structural damage in the city. it is a city of 380,000. major damage to businesses and homes throughout the city. amazingly, no facilities. two people in hospitals, two men struck by falling debris. the main store is water, which has been cut, and no idea when water will be returned. and power. tens of thousands of christchurch residents are also without power. but no fataliti
Sep 11, 2010 9:00pm PDT
at the program. it is the best lending i have ever seen of one side of main street with the other side. we do not want the program to continue forever. we do not want a handout, but we want to ask for one more year to give us the chance to put our risk into reality and jobs into the future of america and san francisco. i want to announce that we have been working very hard with the last week and with business leaders across america targeting 10 key states that have used this program to great success. mississippi, pennsylvania, florida, texas, michigan, and five other states, and we are starting an online campaign to petition signatures in each state, not only from the employee side, but from a business side. let us create more jobs. let us add to our payroll, payroll taxes, to help us at more to the government, but we need another leg up for another year. help us in his advocacy effort in 2010 and 2011. so, mayor newsom, thank you one more time so much. and i would like to introduce one of the faces of the people who works for me. there is a real sight to this, and it gives me great pleasure
Sep 21, 2010 7:00am EDT
to dress like a senator, but she came to this rally in the state of maine to make an appeal to the u.s. congress. west don't ask, don't tell is wrong and unjust. fundamentally it is against all that we stand for as americans. >> don't ask don't tell was passed in 1993, the first time that gay people were allowed to serve in uniform, since it was passed more than 30,000 soldiers have been discharged for being gay. >> we have thousands of patriotic americans serving their country, giving great sacrifice for the armed services and commitment to our nation. they're being thanked by being fired. those people deserve our respect and gratitude, not a pink slip. >> i will put an end to don't ask, don't tell. >> president obama has made his position clear. much of the work has been left to congress. the vote to repeal the law may be repealed by this man, do not wash the change in the law. others do not want to change at all. >> if congress votes to repeal the current law it will be replaced by a current policy that accommodates the lesbians and gays in our military. this factor would be very
Sep 20, 2010 12:00pm EDT
with people and that's the main thing. so don't be too intoxicated otherwise people point you out. >> a silver spring man was charged with attacks. police are looking for three suspects in yesterday's attack. >>> the u.s. supreme court is the only chance a virginia woman has to avoid execution this week. theresa lewis was denied clemency. the 41-year-old mother and grandmother is the only woman on virginia's death row. she is also set to be the first woman executed in the state in nearly a century. lewis was convicted of conspiring with two men to carry out the 2002 murders of her husband and stepson. right now her execution is scheduled for thursday. >>> ever since the d.c. council chairman vincent gray won last week's mayoral primary, the question on many people's mind is whether or not school chancellor michelle rhee will be staying. kristin fisher reports that we could have an answer sometime this week. >> reporter: well michelle rhee will return from vacation this week and when she does, she'll meet with vince gray about her future or lack there of as d.c. school chancellor. now her schoo
Sep 10, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. but not with a 30 inch main line. flames were probably 70 feet into the air. there is tremendous amount of heat. >> making matters worse, water was scarce. the natural gas explosion ruptured a main, shutting off water tomorrow fire hydrants in the neighborhood. it took about 30 minutes to reroute the water main. and firefighters went searching for the nearest working hydrant, a few thousand feet away. >> we loaded the hose on our owe shoulders pulled it down through backyards, kicking through several fences. and it wasn't just us. there is help from public and pg&e. >> the scene was similar to the earthquake in october, 1989. the quake ruptured a water main in the ma reba district of san francisco. firefighters, police and residents teamed up to lay down thousands of feet of hose line to get water from the bay to the homes engulfed in flames. as it did then, the san bruno fire chief says delay cost them precious time. he can't say if it caused more homes to burn, but will say firefighters did the best they can to save homes and lives. and residents agree. >> this is just a fantastic job. i do.
Sep 4, 2010 7:00am EDT
and maine. there are tropical storm warnings for much of coastal maine. and russ merrilly, who is the chief meteorologist for wmtw, is out on the coast. he joins us from harpswell. >> reporter: tropical storm earl is quickly on its way to maine this morning. it has low impact on the coast of maine. down to a light, drizzly rain right now. winds picking up a little bit. we're expecting clearing later today. again, tropical storm earl has been a fairly low-impact storm here along the coast of maine. we're looking for clearing skies later this afternoon. >> russ, thank you. >>> as we said, the most serious damage earl did was to people's labor day vacation plans. amtrak canceled trains and suspended service between new york and boston. southwest airlines canceled 65 flights. while continental canceled about 60 departures from its hub at newark's liberty airport. and marysol castro is in montauk, new york, with more on the travel angle. >> good morning, everyone. here at ditch plains, the aftermath. here, a lot washed ashore on the beaches and throughout the city streets. the other question was
Sep 8, 2010 6:00am EDT
flooding and homes without water. crews are working to fix a 16- inch water main in that area. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get more information into the fox 5 newsroom. >>> right now, tony is back with another check on our weather. everybody is back at school today. i think folks in virginia too. >> they went back yesterday and so today, we'll see another morning where it is okay. the conditions to head to school are okay. more clouds this morning. some of you out to the west may encount are a few showers here or there. at reagan national, the current temperature is 75 degrees. relative humidity is 66%. that is not bad. wind are out of the south. this is showing out cloud cover that comes through and than some of those showers. now, this overplays it a little bit. there are showers out to the west. they are not as numerous or impressive as this is showing. but it is showing some moisture associated with the frontal system that is coming through. so can't rule out a sprinkle or shower for some of our viewers early this morning. our temperature trend, after a high yesterday in th
Sep 10, 2010 4:30am PDT
. >> our coverage begins with terry mcsweeney near where the gas main ruptured. terry's going to walk us through what happened. good morning. >> yeah. i've gotta tell you the latest right now is that the san bruno police are moving all the media an additional block away from the scene. a scene that has been declared a crime scene by san bruno police. eric, you were asking me a few minutes ago if it was something more sinister than just making sure that the police can totally control the area. i have no reason to believe it's anything more than wanting to really be in charge of this large, devastated area. just had a couple people walking down the street here, supposed to be starting work at linardi's market. they're told they're not going to be allowed in. at the crime scene, nobody but nobody but law enforcement and firefighters are allowed in. take a look what it was like out here last night. you'll understand some of the grave concern of the san bruno police department. a fireball erupted about 6:15 last night. and according to pg&e, it was caused by a 24-inch gas line breaking. they
Sep 15, 2010 5:00am EDT
is watching, lobster gram it on up. >> i've actually lived in maine and in in a. and when you order a hob sister typically at a restaurant, you're getting a maine lobster, you're not getting the spiny lobsters in florida. they don't taste as good, but -- >> you don't think that they're as good as maine lobsters? >> no, not even close. >> it's a different taste, but, you know -- >> you don't get the chlaws either. >> that's what i was saying. >> maine lobsters are the big claws. >> i thought it was some weird cross breed of a huge fish and a lobster but in our -- so spiny lobsters don't have chaus. >> i'm here for you. >> you have a wealth of information every day. >> let me try to talk about what i actually know now. and that's what's happening in the tropics. overnight karl just popped up in a hurry and we get these storms in the caribbean because the water is so warm. once the storm starts forming, they quickly can spin up. but a strong tropical storm this morning. it's missed cancun for the most part p. it's down here in the northern belize and southern portion of the yucatan and this
Sep 24, 2010 12:00pm PDT
1/10th of 1% of g.d.p. >> charlie: what percentage of your g.d.p.? >> the main effort had to be done within our own borders. >> charlie: the economic issue. what did you do when you came to office to try to put chile on a pro growth track? >> chile had 12 years of fat cows from 1986 to 2008. from 1986 to 1998, we had 12 years of fat cows. the economy was growing at 7% per year. we were creating jobs. in that time period, we recovered our democracy which is the natural way of life for the chilean people, but unfortunately starting with the asian crisis in 1998 until last year we went through a lean-cow period and investment went down, job creation capacity went down, so our main goal and our commitment with the country was to restore our ability to restore our ability to create jobs and face problems, and we have been really very successful -- i say we because it's the whole chilean people thar behind this effort. let me make a comparison. last year's growth rate was minus 1.5%, this year will be 5.5%. last year we destroyed 30,000 jobs, this year we will create 300,000 jobs. >> charl
Sep 15, 2010 4:30pm PDT
with a program for the very beginning -- since the very beginning. he took a chance on main street. we want to take that chance on government. our first higher was in june 2009, and our last was yesterday, the last day before the door closed. we believe the program benefits both sides of main street. the employee, giving them a real job doing real work. 145 people that are working for me are building a free, online digital library of 1 million books which will go to every school in america. it gives them pride. it gives them professional confidence, and gives them a job they can go back to their families with and make a difference in their community in terms of funding, financing, and confidence, and if america does not have the confidence to go forward on one side of wall street, how can we make the decisions that we need to? this is not a handout. this is a hand up, as far as i'm concerned. this program is fantastic. as an employer in an uncertain environment, we did not know what 2009 or 2010 would unfold. we did not know whether the economy was going to improve, stay flat, or continue t
Sep 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
the westbound freeway and into virginia, stalled vehicles, there's an accident after main avenue, and i will show you the crash near the exit for 110, southbound on 395, notice the accident, traffic getting guide to the left. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our top story, police searched through the night for explosives that may have been left behind by and gunman who took three people hostage at the discovery channel building. he was shot and killed by police. the hostages are safe this morning, but there are still many questions. brianne carter is not the discovery channel headquarters in downtown silver spring. good morning, what can you tell us today? >> officers say that the gunman acted alone. james j. lee was well-known at discovering. a longtime protester who was upset with their programming. four hours , james j. lee held three men hostage inside the discovery channel building, beginning 1:00 yesterday afternoon when he locked into the main lobby with a handgun, a metal canisters strapped to his body, carrying a backpack and boxes believed to be explosive devices. he fired a sho
Sep 9, 2010 11:00pm PDT
've got the main shut down, so we have to approach the lines to make sure there's no more. >> how confident are you that the main -- major risk of bodily damage and injury, even if there's still gas in those lines, is there still risk? >> all the power has been shut down to the whole area. in fact, half the area of san bruno is shut down. so the risk of that ignition is probably nonexist tanlt right now, but you don't know if a flame or ember, you know, could affect it. so that's why we're cautious. >> any way to know if there are a few, a dozen, several dozen people missing right now? >> i have no information to deny or confirm that. >> is there any way to -- >> that's what it's going to take. >> when do you think that might happen? obviously these homes are smoldering tonight. could it be as soon as tomorrow? >> my hope is we'll get an initial search team through the whole area tonight. i may be optimistic, but by tomorrow we'll have dogs and everything else here to go through. >> the first responders hurt? >> at this point, no report of injury for first responders. >> again, re
Sep 30, 2010 4:30pm PDT
the nationals. and >> a raucous day and a mansion with the main course will be tomorrow with the padres. -i imagine. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, vern glenn and do not forget that we will have live coverage. and sports director, gary radickh start a, a par-4 our coverage. >> and we of kron 4 news here are seven of the top local stories and less than four minutes. >> and the san jose it students are prepared to take an entire week off even the school just started a few weeks ago. october 4th-october 8th, all class is in san jose unified school district classes will be closed and offices will be closed extreme measures what millions of funding lost. with a 3 percent pay cut for staff and save $5 million. in san jose, christine connolly. >> and parents are worried about this for law will affect their children. >> and as a society we apparently cannot afford pub public school and a request our students to take five days off? >> and also goes with the fact that classes are much bigger. >> students are sympathetic that this will preserve teaching jobs but they're worried about the qua
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